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Pain and suffering damages in Wisconsin & when you can sue

How to claim your compensation for pain & suffering after an accident If you have a personal injury claim in Wisconsin, you may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering. Pain and suffering damages are also called “non-economic damages” since it’s not as easy to assign a dollar amount (unlike to medical expenses & property damage which usually [...]


Abdominal pain after a car accident

Critical information about abdominal trauma & what to do next 1. Stomach pain & other symptoms of shock 2. Recognizing abdominal trauma 3. Seat belt syndrome 4. Signs of internal bleeding 5. Take delayed stomach pain VERY seriously 6. A car crash can injure your liver, appendix & more 7. How a car accident can affect your [...]


How to get a FAIR whiplash settlement in Wisconsin

Who can sue for a whiplash injury? And who pays? Don't be fooled by the words "mild" or "minor." Proving whiplash injury Filing a whiplash claim without a lawyer Whiplash settlement amounts 5 insights into lawsuits & compensation for whiplash injuries Here's everything you need to know about getting a fair whiplash settlement in the state of Wisconsin. [...]


Headaches after a car accident – causes, symptoms & when to get legal help

The stress of dealing with the aftermath of an auto accident is enough to bring on a headache, but headaches that persist, or get worse, could be a sign of serious brain injury and shouldn’t be dismissed. Headaches that start after an accident are known as post-traumatic headaches because they occur after a traumatic event. Surprisingly, the severity of the accident [...]


Can you sue after a no-contact car or motorcycle accident in Wisconsin?

What to do if a phantom driver causes your crash If the driver who caused your crash disappeared, you need an experienced attorney to defend your claim. Will your insurance company pay your claim if someone cuts you off, swerves into your lane, or otherwise causes you to crash without ever touching your vehicle? There’s no clear-cut [...]


5 things you NEED to know about dog bite lawsuits in Wisconsin

Can I sue? And who do I sue? Statue of limitations on dog bite injury lawsuits How long does a dog bite injury lawsuit take? Do I need a lawyer to file a lawsuit? What kind of settlement can I expect? For most dog owners, their pets are more than just companions. They’re part of their family. [...]


6 things it pays to know about motorcycle accident settlements in Wisconsin

Can I sue? Filing a motorcycle personal injury claim Wisconsin statute of limitations on motorcycle accident lawsuits How long will an accident claim take? What's a fair settlement amount for injuries, pain and suffering? Do I need a lawyer? Thousands of crashes. One chance to recover damages. You only have one chance to get fair compensation for your [...]


7 things you MUST know about wrongful death lawsuits in Wisconsin

Who can sue for a wrongful death? What is the statute of limitations? Is there a damages cap on claims? What's the average settlement? How to file a wrongful death lawsuit How long a lawsuit takes Wrongful death lawsuit calculators Losing a family member is never easy, especially in cases where negligence is involved. If your loved [...]

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