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Tip, Insights for WI Accident Victims & Their Families

Thank you to Uncommon Cents Investing for having me as a guest on their WCLO Janesville podcast last week. We discussed important insurance considerations for businesses who are providing unique services during the pandemic (such as delivery), as well as ways to protect your assets in the event of an accident/injury. If you missed it, you can [...]


Vertigo after a car accident is a real problem – here’s what to do next

Get a fair settlement for vertigo-related injuries caused by negligence If you’re experiencing dizziness following a car accident, you’re not alone. After a collision many victims experience vertigo, which can be caused by different types of injuries, commonly: BPPV vertigo Whiplash vertigo Head injury/concussion vertigo Vertigo isn’t limited to dizziness. There are many different symptoms associated with vertigo [...]


Suing for tinnitus, hearing loss & ear pain after a car accident

Wisconsin personal injury attorney for ear injuries caused by negligence Ringing in the ears (aka tinnitus), hearing loss and other types of damage to the ear can result from head and neck injuries in a car accident. Air bags are another common culprit, as they can injure the inner ear and cause temporary or permanent loss of hearing [...]


Shoulder pain after an accident: 3 steps to getting fairly compensated

Shoulder pain after an accident needs to be taken seriously. Whether the pain appears immediately or is delayed, the message is the same: something is wrong with your shoulder. The shoulder joint involves three bones, multiple soft tissues, and has the largest range of motion of any joint in the body. This complexity makes the shoulder more [...]


4 times you NEED a car insurance lawyer for your claim

Know when it’s worth consulting a car accident attorney After a car accident, dealing with your insurance company, the other driver’s insurer, medical care and missed work can quickly get overwhelming. Fortunately, deciding whether or not to get a lawyer to handle your car insurance claim is fairly straightforward. In these four situations, having an attorney on [...]


Loss of enjoyment of life

In some personal injury cases an accident victim is entitled to sue for loss of enjoyment of life. Loss of enjoyment damages are part of overall compensation for pain and suffering, not a standalone cause of action. Specifically, loss of enjoyment of life focuses on the long-term implications of the injuries. A financial recovery for loss of enjoyment [...]


Suing for loss of consortium

Getting compensated for loss of consortium, society & companionship Accidents cause harm beyond property damage and physical injury. Victims can also lose relationships and the benefits relationships provide, like companionship and assistance. Wisconsin personal injury law provides opportunities for accident victims to claim financial compensation for all their losses, including loss of consortium. Family members of accident victims [...]


How medical bills get paid after a car crash

It’s hard enough dealing with injuries and medical treatments after a motor vehicle collision. Don’t let the accident ruin your financial life too. When injuries resulting from negligence require medical care, victims are entitled to seek full compensation for the costs – including any treatment you may need after your claim is settled. The more serious your injuries, the more [...]


Injury claims for lost wages

When you’re injured because of someone else’s mistake, the physical and financial harm can turn your life upside down. Whether it was a careless driver who caused a car crash or a negligent property owner who failed to maintain a safe premises, the effects are the same. You now have serious injuries, a crushing financial burden and [...]


Wisconsin car accident laws

How auto insurance, fault & personal injury law affect your claim after an accident When you’ve been injured in a car accident, it’s important to understand how exactly state law applies in your situation. Both the at-fault driver and victim have legal obligations to fulfill. Wisconsin car accident laws directly affect injured victims' car accident claims and [...]

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