Car Accident, Truck Accident,
Motorcycle Accident, Dog Bite or Other Accident?

If you or a loved one has been injured in Wisconsin, it’s important to reach out to me as soon as possible. There are a lot of things you can do in the early aftermath of an accident to assist your case.

I’ve been practicing personal injury law for over 33 years, and I began my career working for insurance companies. I understand first-hand all the angles that insurance companies will use to try to pay you less, and I’m fiercely passionate about protecting accident victims from their tactics.

Send me a quick message, as waiting can only do you and your case more harm. Reach out to me and my team, in order to protect yourself and gather critical evidence early on. We know how stressful an unexpected injury can be and will gladly come to you if that’s easier, no matter where you live.

Don’t Get Shortchanged!

Let’s get you EVERYTHING you’re owed.

The first thing my team and I will do is help you determine if you have a case. Personal Injury Claims require 3 things:

  1. The party at fault for the accident was negligent.
    When the law is involved, negligence means a failure to behave with a reasonable amount of care.
  2. Their negligence directly caused your injury.
    Here we prove that your injury directly correlates to the other party’s negligence.
  3. There is proof that your injuries caused you harm.
    Medical bills, missed work, headaches and any emotional distress (such as insomnia, or anxiety when driving) would all have to be proven.

Experiencing an accident injury is a devastating event, and victims desperately need and deserve adequate compensation to deal with the aftermath. This is where I harness over 33 years of experience, to help you determine the severity of your injury, the source of liability, and the ability to prove your case.

In Wisconsin you have three years (starting from when you were injured) to file a personal injury claim. Your case doesn’t have to resolve within three years, just get filed. It’s in your own best interest to get started as soon as possible, as the longer you wait, the harder it is to gather evidence supporting your claim. Also, the longer you wait, the less bargaining power you have in settlement negotiations. When the time’s up and you no longer have the right to file a lawsuit, you’ll be stuck with whatever the insurance company is willing to offer.

Proving fault in Wisconsin is required if you want to successfully claim compensation for your injuries. The amount of damages available to the victim is reduced by the percentage of blame they share. Under comparative negligence law, you can only file a personal injury claim if you’re 50% or less at fault for the accident. It’s important to have an experienced attorney on your side to make sure you’re not unfairly found at fault.

It actually takes hardly any time at all, if you’re willing to settle for less than you deserve. Don’t get too hung up plugging in the specifics of your case into an online ‘calculator’ to see potential settlement amounts. Settlement mills and insurance companies rely on your vulnerability to rush your case, settle ASAP, and take their cut without a care for YOUR compensation. I hear stories all the time of victims who are “sold” a promise for a quick settlement from a “sign-and-settle” lawyer who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

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