Bicycle Accident

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Bicycle Accident

Bicycle accidents are common, and my personal injury team regularly secures maximum compensation for the victims of these.

The most common types of bicycle-car accidents include:

  • Driver neglects the rules of bicyclist right-of-way
  • Driver doesn’t see you when it’s dark outside
  • Driver opens a car door in front of bicyclist
  • Driver fails to use proper traffic signals
  • Driver forces bicyclist off the road in a no-contact accident.

The insurance companies calculate a settlement offer based on the strength of your legal representation. I have fought personal injury cases for over 33 years and have obtained countless accident victim settlements, many over six figures.

The inconvenience, pain, and frustration that comes with a serious injury means you shouldn’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

Frequently Asked Bicycle Accident Injury Questions

If you’re struck by a car while you’re on a bicycle, your automobile insurance will protect you.

Your auto insurance is what we call “portable,” meaning it follows you around. When you’re injured by an uninsured or underinsured driver, your own insurance policy kicks in.

If the driver was at fault, I can guarantee you compensation for innocent cases.

One of the largest variables in determining how much your bicycle accident claim is worth is the strength and quality of your legal representation. Settlement mills don’t care about getting you the compensation you deserve, only how quickly they are able to churn out settlements. Insurance companies know and love these firms and will take full advantage of that by decreasing their settlement offers substantially.

Insurance companies hate when they see the name Steve Caya on the case because they know they’ll have to actually give you what you deserve. My personal injury team understands that you are a person with real problems, and not just another case to settle as quickly as possible. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve and will even go to court for you if the insurance companies are trying to play hardball.

In addition to the quality of your personal injury attorney, the amount of compensation you can receive for your bicycle accident depends on a number of factors like:

  • Lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Past & future medical bills
  • Pain & suffering
  • How much of the accident is determined to be your fault

Get representation that is known for being tough on insurance companies. Contact me today for a free case evaluation today.

While most personal injury lawyers will charge up to $500 per hour to provide their legal services, I understand that this isn’t feasible for most people when you already have medical bills piling up, likely offset by time off work. That’s why I operate under a No-win, No-fee policy.

If you don’t win compensation in your case, you don’t owe me anything. At the other firms, you’re on the hook for those expensive fees whether you win or not.

The amount of time it will take from filing a claim to receiving compensation can vary greatly, anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years, depending on many factors. The primary factors are the severity of the accident and your health after.

Minor bicycle accidents will be compensated for fairly quickly, while more severe ones tend to take longer. This is not a bad thing though. Injuries from severe bicycle accidents can go unnoticed until much later, adding to the costs of your medical treatment further down the road.

Most early settlement offers will fail to account for this properly, leaving you paying out of pocket for someone else’s mistake.

I will almost never advise you to accept early settlement offers if you require substantial medical treatment. My personal injury team fights our hardest for all clients to get the compensation they deserve.

We take winning personally.

Let’s get you EVERYTHING you’re owed.

Steve, Emily and the team were a pleasure to work with. Their knowledge, professionalism and compassion were greatly appreciated during a challenging time in my life. I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and would recommend the team to anyone in need of legal services!

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