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$690,000 settlement obtained for a man who suffers a hip injury when a semi-truck runs a stop sign

A semi-truck driver ran a stop sign resulting in serious injuries to Steve’s client. Steve’s investigation of the crash determined the truck driver had falsified his log book and was driving in excess of hours allowed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations. Driver fatigue was the likely cause of the crash. After filing a lawsuit, the [...]

$800,000 settlement obtained for a minor injured by an inattentive semi-truck driver

An inattentive semi-truck driver crashed into the rear of an SUV resulting in a broken leg and injured hip to a 15 year old girl. Steve and his team immediately gathered a variety of experts including an accident reconstructionist, brake expert and cell phone analyst. Based upon the analysis of these experts, Steve and his team filed a [...]

$1.6 million verdict for serious injuries in a semi-truck accident

Steve Caya obtained a verdict of $1,620,000 for a 48-year-old woman who suffered serious injuries in a semi-truck accident. Steve's client was injured when a truck driver attempted to back his semi-tractor trailer out of a driveway and onto a public highway without the use of a spotter or assistance in backing. The trucking company’s insurer denied [...]

$950,000 settlement for biker injured by semi truck driver

Injured Wisconsin motorcyclist gets big settlement in crash with truck driver Steve Caya was able to recover $950,000 for a motorcyclist who was seriously injured by a semi driver when the semi driver entered the motorcyclists’ lane of traffic. The semi driver denied he was responsible for the motorcyclists’ injuries. Within two days of the crash, Steve [...]

$480,000 cervical facet syndrome settlement

Six-figure compensation for car crash victim Steve Caya recovered $480,000 for a client who developed cervical facet syndrome (a type of neck injury) as a result of the car accident. What makes this result so remarkable is that before filing a lawsuit on behalf of his client, Steve Caya offered to settle the claim for $400,000. The [...]

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$250k settlement for couple rear-ended by commercial truck

Couple recovers $250k after commercial truck collision After filing a lawsuit and engaging in intense litigation with the trucking company and its insurer, Steve Caya was able to obtain a $250,00 settlement for a couple who were rear ended by a semi truck resulting in knee injuries. After an injury-causing accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company isn’t [...]

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$129,000 settlement for injured shoulder after trucking accident

In this case, the client was an over-the-road trucker who was involved in a motor vehicle/truck collision while operating his semi-tractor/trailer. Truck accident injury lawyer Steve Caya was able to achieve a $129,000 settlement for his client without the need for a lawsuit. How to deal with trucking companies & insurers after a crash Trucking companies are [...]

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$1.2 million settlement for injuries after a trucking accident

Seven figure compensation secured by Wisconsin semi tractor trailer accident attorney Steve Caya recovered $1,200,000 for a security guard who was struck by a semi-tractor-trailer truck leaving a business. This complex case involved multiple defendants from around the country, insurance coverage issues and allegations of contributory fault on the part of the security guard. After two years [...]

$575,000 recovery for internal injuries

Major compensation for car accident victim with broken ribs Steve Caya recovered $575,000 on behalf of an elderly client who suffered numerous rib fractures and internal injuries in a motor vehicle collision. The case was complicated by the fact the client was elderly with pre-existing conditions and required the coordination of physicians from both Wisconsin and Florida. [...]

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