Earlier this week, a federal jury ruled in favor of Pennsylvania’s Barbara Ferguson, who said she injured herself at work after a slip and fall incident with a box that was used as a makeshift doorstop.

Ferguson was awarded $792,968.16 and four defendants were found to have been negligent in the case.

While working at the Pathmark on Franklin Mills Boulevard, Ferguson contended she was injured after she tripped over a box that was being used to prop open a large office door at the grocery store.

As a result of her fall, Ferguson claimed she sustained a number of serious injuries, such as:

  • Dislocating her right shoulder, and fractured it in four places.
  • Sustaining a left knee fracture
  • Suffering from right wrist carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Suffering from various neck and back injuries

She also contended that she suffered from depression as a result of her injuries.

You don’t necessarily need injuries this serious to have a case against a business that didn’t maintain their premises, which resulted in you injuring yourself.

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Woman Receives $792,968 for Slip and Fall
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