Both men and women frequently insist that their own gender is more capable behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to whether men are better drivers than women or vice versa. Insurance companies seem to have answered this question by coming down in favor of the women. Insurance companies set premiums for the cost of automobile insurance based on the expected risk that someone will become involved in a collision. Insurers charge men much more than they charge women, which suggests that the analyses insurers have done have led them to believe men are higher risk.

When looking at the big picture, however, it turns out that there is a lot more to the story. As a recent Yahoo! article points out, men and women are both “terrible” drivers, but just in different ways. Further, as technology is changing, women are starting to engage in some really dangerous behaviors behind the wheel that may result in the female sex being just as high-risk as men when driving.

Both male and female drivers are expected to behave with reasonable caution when they drive. If any driver fails to obey the rules of the road or is negligent, victims of a resulting collision can pursue a claim for compensation. The victim will need to prove negligence by showing that the driver behaved less carefully than the average reasonable motorist would have, regardless of whether that average motorist is male or female. An experienced Janesville personal injury attorney should be consulted to provide assistance in proving a car accident claim.

Are Men or Women Better Drivers?

It is unclear whether you can simply cast one sex as the better driver, as accidents can occur to anyone of any age or sex. However, the statistics do reveal that men are more likely to get into very serious accidents that cause injury or even death. According to reports, men tend to speed more than women, they tend to drive more aggressively, and they are more likely to drive drunk or under the influence of drugs than women do. Not only that, but men also drive many more miles than women. Because of all of these factors, men account for 71 percent of the drivers who are killed on the roads in America. Things are changing though, as women are just as likely as men to engage in the dangerous behavior of texting or talking on the phone behind the wheel. Distracted driving can also significantly increase the risk of a dangerous accident.

Regardless of the gender of a driver, it is more important than ever to take caution while driving on the road. Be wary of those who are speeding, and those who might be distracted by their cell phones or other technological devices like a GPS. If you are injured in an accident, proving negligence is not always easy. The more serious the collision, the more costly the injuries and the more essential it is to consult with Janesville car accident lawyer Steve Caya at Nowlan and Mouat LLP for help.

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