Even a “minor” motor vehicle accident can result in thousands of dollars in medical costs. A post accident ambulance ride to the emergency room will likely cost around $800. Standard Emergency room care including x-rays and an MRI can cost $3000-5000. Many clients are understandably concerned about how these bills will be paid after an accident. Let me try and give you some general tips on payment of post accident medical bills.

First, do not be fooled in to thinking the at fault driver’s insurer will pay these bills immediately. Rarely, does that occur. The insurer for the at fault driver typically will not compensate you for your injuries and damages piecemeal. The at fault insurer usually will compensate the injured victim only when the recovery from the accident is complete.  This can take months, if not longer. In the meantime, if your bills remain unpaid, you can be placed in collection. Even worse, the insurer for the at fault driver may use your concern over the outstanding bills against you in order to get you to accept less money in settlement than your case is actually worth.


There are two ways to have your post accident medical bills addressed immediately. These two sources are your health insurance and your own med pay coverage on your auto insurance. If you are a passenger in a vehicle that is struck, you are entitled to the benefit of the med pay coverage applicable to that vehicle as well, even though that is not your vehicle or your auto policy. These two sources of health insurance are available immediately after an accident to pay your bills. Both your health insurer and med pay insurer are required to cover you even though the medical bills arise out of an accident.


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