Recent studies have revealed that more auto injury claimants are getting legal help from attorneys. Hiring a Janesville car accident lawyer is a smart option after a collision, as an attorney can negotiate with insurers, investigate your collision and put together a compelling case for a jury if the case goes to court. A July 2014 study conducted by the Insurance Research Council demonstrates that more crash victims are recognizing the importance of legal representation.

What the Study Revealed

In 1977, only 17 percent of victims involved in car accidents sought legal help from a car accident lawyer when making a personal injury protection (PIP) claim. A PIP claim is made against an individual’s own insurer to cover losses sustained after a collision has occurred. Today, an estimated 36 percent of car crash victims seek help from lawyers with their claims. This number reflects a significant increase, even since 2007, when 31 percent of people sought legal assistance with PIP claims after suffering car accident injuries.

With respect to the percentage of motor vehicle accident victims making bodily injury claims, those numbers have also increased, although, admittedly, those numbers have always been historically higher. A bodily injury claim is typically made against the insurance company of another driver who caused a collision that resulted in injuries. In 1977, 47 percent of collision victims making bodily injury claims after motor vehicle crashes had attorneys representing them. However, by 2012, 50 percent of accident victims with bodily injury claims used the services of an attorney.

Watch Out for Shady Insurers. Let a Car Accident Lawyer Help You With Your Case

Claimants making both PIP and bodily injury claims must understand how to effectively negotiate a settlement with insurance companies. Additionally, those individuals must understand their rights with respect to such claims so that they will have a good idea of what they should be entitled to receive from the insurer. Accident victims should be aware that insurance companies use a variety of dishonest tactics in an effort to keep them from receiving just compensation.

The American Association for Justice has compiled a comprehensive list of abusive practices by major insurance companies within the United States. With data showing that insurers are denying legitimate claims and offering low settlements, it makes sense that more people than ever are turning to attorneys for assistance. A skilled Janesville car accident lawyer can help with all aspects of a motor vehicle collision claim.

The recent report prepared by the Insurance Research Council put a negative spin on the news that more people were seeking legal assistance following a collision. Reasons cited to explain problems with hiring an attorney included the fact that those without lawyers may get paid more quickly after a collision. However, this may occur because individuals who do not seek the assistance of a lawyer tend to be pressured into settling quickly for less money than they deserved.

After a car accident, do not leave yourself at the mercy of an insurer with hopes that the insurance company will do the right thing. Get legal help from an experienced and well-versed Janesville car accident lawyer like Steve Caya at Nowlan and Mouat LLP. He will work hard to help you get the just compensation to which you may be entitled.

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Study Shows More Collision Victims are Hiring Car Accident Lawyers
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