Always call an injury lawyer if you slip and fall.

Here’s why you should always call a personal injury lawyer if you slip and fall on someone’s property. Earlier this month, a woman from Oregon was awarded $725,000 in a lawsuit involving a slip and fall.

Tammy Schoening, 52, slipped on loose gravel and fell with her feet straight up in the air. A doctor testified that her injuries were the same as if she had fallen out of a second-story window.

As a result of her fall, she:

  • Broke her wrist
  • Fractured and herniated disks in her back
  • Developed a condition called “traumatic fibromyalgia,” a pain syndrome in muscles and joints that also causes extreme fatigue

Her attorney argued that Schoening used to be an active woman who had two jobs to support her family. As a result of her accident, she became unable to work or take care of herself, while becoming depressed and housebound.

She sued the building owner, David R. Lyons, and the storeowner of an antique shop who leased space in the building. The jury faulted the building owners and awarded Schoening $550,000 for economic damages and $175,000 for pain and suffering.

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Oregon Woman Wins $725,000 for Slip and Fall on Sidewalk
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