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Keeping Kids Safe Around Cars Off the Road

According to statistics provided by the Kids and Cars foundation, the most prominent cause of death for children involved with non-traffic related car accidents is being backed over by a vehicle. A new campaign created in collaboration with the California Kids’ Plates program aims to decrease these deaths and the total number of non-traffic related car accidents by promoting vehicle safety on and off the road. By educating parents about ways to talk to kids about car safety, the initiative helps spread awareness about the possible risks of non-traffic related accidents. To keep your children safe on and off the road, the campaign suggests the following tips:

  1. Look before you drive. Before you move your car, whether in your driveway or in a parking lot, make sure you walk all the way around your car. It is important to check around and under your car before you get in the driver’s seat to clear all possible blind spots.
  2. Lock up. Even when your car is in your garage, make sure you lock the doors. Similarly, store the keys outside of your children’s grasp. 8 percent of all fatalities resulting from non-traffic related accidents occur because of cars set in motion by children. Protect yourself and your children by locking your car doors when not in use. When in a car with your children, lock the power windows to avoid accidental opening or closing.
  3. Talk to your kids. Teach your children that parked or stopped cars can be put into motion and they are not spaces to play. Every week at least 50 children are backed over around driveways; to avoid another accident encourage children to play away from parked cars. Do not let children play inside a parked car, even if you have the keys.
  4. Don’t leave children alone in Cars. Even after one minute, the interior of a parked car can reach 125 degrees with the windows down. If you need to leave the car, even for a short amount of time, bring your children with you. To prevent forgetting children inside of a car place your cellphone or purse in the backseat next to your kids. If you see a child alone inside a car, call 911 immediately.
  5. Know where your kids are before driving. Make sure you know your children are either inside or away from the car before driving. When exiting your car hold your child’s hand across the street.
  6. Clear landscape around your driveway. Trim any large plants or bushes near the driveway that may obstruct you view when backing out. Young children or animals may be hiding in places around the driveway.

If your child has suffered an injury due to a car accident, contact Steve Caya to pursue justice against the negligent driver.

By following these tips and taking caution whenever you start your car you can help prevent accidents. Unfortunately, accidents do happen and if you are involved with a non-traffic related accident contact Steve Caya for guidance through the appropriate legal response.

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