Serious compensation for serious shoulder injury

The client suffered a broken clavicle and other related contusions and injuries as a result of a motor vehicle accident in Wisconsin.

The injury claim resolved without the need for a lawsuit, for the sum of $250,000.

A broken clavicle is typically caused by a direct impact on the shoulder, which can happen as the result of a car accident, motorcycle crash or a slip and fall accident. Clavicle fractures might not be as visually apparent as other bone fractures, so if your broken collarbone has visible signs of injury be sure to document them in a photograph before they fade.

The danger of settling for less

Shoulder injuries, including broken bones and soft tissue injuries, can get worse over time. The shoulder joint is highly complex, and the most mobile joint in the body. A broken clavicle is extremely painful and can make you unable to use your arm until it heals.

Accepting a lowball offer from the insurance company right after the accident could leave you stuck with unpaid medical bills down the road if complications from your injury arise.

Broken bones take serious recovery time

The time you lose in recovering from a car accident that wasn’t your fault–and the money you lose–can be covered in the right cases. File a claim and get a settlement: you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering.

You only have one opportunity to file a claim for the injuries suffered in an accident. Steve Caya is an award-winning personal injury attorney with experience on all sides: as a former insurance industry insider, as a motorcycle accident survivor, and since 2003 helping injured accident victims in Wisconsin recover the financial compensation they need.

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