In this particular case, Steve’s client was an over-the-road trucker who was involved in a collision in the state of Connecticut.

Steve’s client’s semi-tractor/trailer was struck from behind by another semi-tractor/trailer in rush hour traffic. The trucking company was not convinced Steve’s client’s injuries were due to the accident. After filing a lawsuit in Federal Court, the case settled for $150,000 without a trial.

Taking on trucking companies & insurers after a crash

Trucking companies are highly responsive after a trucking accident, as there are many thousands of dollars on the line. By the time you’ve been transported from the scene of the truck accident, they may already have a team at the site to collect or potentially destroy evidence to hurt your case against them and protect their own interests.

Victims of trucking accidents need an experienced truck accident lawyer intimately familiar with federal motor carrier safety (FMCSA) regulations to fight for your rights and secure the settlement you deserve. See more truck accident settlements and rear-end collision settlements secured by Steve Caya for his clients.

Truck accidents are among the most complicated personal injury cases. There are factors specific to semi tractor-trailer accidents that must be carefully explored. Uncovering the right information can be a determining factor in proving fault and in calculating the amount of damages that may be owed to you. Steve Caya works closely with a network of experts to reconstruct and investigate crashes, and assess the long-term implications of your injuries.

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