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$350,000 wrongful death settlement from car crash

Six-figure compensation for family of victim killed by speeding driver Steve Caya recovered the statutory maximum for a woman killed by a teenage driver. The tragic crash occurred when the deceased turned left in front of the teenage driver. The insurance company initially questioned fault on the part of the teen driver. Steve Caya’s accident reconstruction expert [...]

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$450,000 Settlement for Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Wrongful death claim results in 6-figure compensation Steve represented a motorcyclist who was killed when a van pulled from a stop sign into the path of the motorcyclist. Unfortunately, Steve’s client was intoxicated at the time of the incident. It further appeared his motorcycle had defective brakes. Steve was able to hire the appropriate experts who determined [...]

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$350,000 wrongful death settlement + $200,000 consequential damages

Janesville injury lawyer attains statutory maximum for family of victim Steve represented a young mother whose husband was killed while transporting logs for a lumberyard. While the deceased was in the process of unloading the trailer, a log rolled off the top striking the deceased and killing him instantly. The insurance company for the lumberyard initially took [...]

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$350,000 wrongful death settlement + $250,000 for minors

Steve Caya secures statutory maximum in wrongful death case In a tragic case, Steve represented the minor children of a woman who was killed in a motor vehicle accident in Wisconsin. The accident was the result of a government employee crossing the centerline and striking the vehicle of the deceased head-on. Initially, the government denied any responsibility, [...]

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