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$250,000 Settlement for Head & Neck Injuries

Six-figure compensation for car accident victim Wisconsin personal injury attorney Steve Caya was able to reach a $250,000 settlement on behalf of a client who sustained non-surgical head and neck injuries due to a rear end collision - without the need for a lawsuit. Head injuries and neck injuries can cause lingering complications, require expensive medical treatment [...]

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$88,500 settlement for PTSD & neck strain

Compensation secured after collision with cattle on Wisconsin highway Steve Caya obtained a settlement of $88,500 on behalf of a client who suffered PTSD and neck strain when her vehicle struck cattle on a highway in the middle of the night. Steve Caya’s investigation of the incident established the livestock were able to escape the fenced area [...]

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$262,500 settlement after fall from roof: Neck & shoulder injuries

Fall from roof leads to huge recovery for Wisconsin subcontractor Steve Caya recovered $262,500 for a client who sustained a neck injury and shoulder injuries after falling from a roof. The client was injured while doing roofing work and the general contractor failed to provide fall protection to the subcontractors. The insurer denied liability throughout and alleged [...]

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$200,000 settlement for neck injuries & headaches

Steve recovered $200,000 for a client who suffered neck injuries and severe headaches resulting from an automobile accident caused by two teenage drivers racing on a busy city street in Wisconsin. Have back or neck pain after a car accident? Do NOT ignore it. Your injuries were caused by the accident's perpetrator, and you deserve compensation for [...]

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$480,000 cervical facet syndrome settlement

Six-figure compensation for car crash victim Steve Caya recovered $480,000 for a client who developed cervical facet syndrome (a type of neck injury) as a result of the car accident. What makes this result so remarkable is that before filing a lawsuit on behalf of his client, Steve Caya offered to settle the claim for $400,000. The [...]

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$150,000 settlement for auto accident neck & back injuries

In this car accident claim, the client suffered non-surgical neck injuries, back injuries and related headaches. After filing a lawsuit, Steve was able to achieve $150,000 for his client without the need for a trial. If you’ve been injured in a crash someone else caused, Wisconsin personal injury law entitles you to seek financial compensation for your [...]

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