Motorcycle Accident

$650,000 settlement for Wisconsin biker injured by distracted driver

Umbrella policy secures greater compensation for motorcycle accident victim Steve Caya recovered $650,000 for injuries sustained by a motorcyclist who suffered numerous fractures after an inattentive driver turned left in front of the motorcyclist. The insurance company for the at fault driver argued the policy limits available were only $300,000. Steve Caya reviewed the at-fault driver’s policy and successfully convinced the insurer an umbrella policy applied, creating more coverage to compensate the injured motorcyclist, and securing a settlement more than double the original offer. As a former insurance company attorney, Steve Caya knows exactly what it takes to make [...]

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$175,000 settlement for motorcycle passenger with chest injuries

Steve Caya recovered $175,000 on behalf of a client who was a passenger on a motorcycle. The crash occurred when a vehicle did a U-turn in front of the motorcycle. Steve Caya established the vehicle owner was negligent as well as the motorcycle operator for following the vehicle too closely. Insurers for both the vehicle operator and motorcycle operator contributed towards the settlement. How can a motorcycle passenger make an injury claim after an accident? If you’ve been injured while riding as a passenger on a motorcycle, you should speak to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer about your options. [...]

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$280,000 leg injury settlement

Injured Wisconsin motorcyclist receives six figures Steve Caya recovered $280,000 for an injured motorcyclist who suffered an inner leg injury after being struck by an inattentive driver. The insurance company’s original offer was less than $100,000. Steve Caya filed a lawsuit on his client’s behalf and obtained compensation almost three times greater than the insurer’s original offer for his client. Before you sign anything, know how much your leg injury is worth It's in the insurance company's best interest to get your settlement check issued and signed as quickly as possible. After all, once you sign the check you [...]

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$500,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Crash Broken Leg

Steve Caya defeats insurance company in compensation dispute Attorney Steve Caya’s client suffered a serious leg injury in an accident, while riding a motorcycle in the City of Milwaukee. The accident occurred when the defendant driver attempted a u-turn while pulling away from a parking stall. The insurance company claimed attorney Caya’s client was substantially at fault and denied all of the medical treatment received by the client. After attorney Caya filed suit in Milwaukee County and conducted depositions of the driver of the vehicle and the investigating officer, the insurance company changed its position and paid the policy [...]

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$950,000 settlement for biker injured by semi truck driver

Injured Wisconsin motorcyclist gets big settlement in crash with truck driver Steve Caya was able to recover $950,000 for a motorcyclist who was seriously injured by a semi driver when the semi driver entered the motorcyclists’ lane of traffic. The semi driver denied he was responsible for the motorcyclists’ injuries. Within two days of the crash, Steve Caya’s team of experts reconstructed the crash and determined the accident could not have happened as the truck driver claimed. After Steve Caya’s deposition of the truck driver, the trucking company agreed to settle the claim. Contact me today for [...]

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