Motorcycle Accident Settlements

  • $3M

    $3 Million policy limits settlement for catastrophic injuries suffered in a trip and fall

  • $1.6M

    $1.6 million verdict for serious injuries in a semi-truck accident

  • $1.5M

    $1.5 million settlement for Milwaukee student after balcony collapse

  • $1.4M

    $1.4 million neck injury verdict for pedestrian struck by car

  • $1.2M

    $1.2 million settlement for injuries after a trucking accident

  • $1.1M

    $1.1 Million policy limits settlement for a mother and daughter who are injured when a driver runs a stop sign

  • $1M

    $1 Million policy limits settlement for client seriously injured at a health care facility

  • $950K

    $950,000 settlement for biker injured by semi truck driver

  • $900K

    $900,000 settlement for injury from fall through doorway

  • $88.5K

    $88,500 settlement for PTSD & neck strain

  • $850K

    $850,000 settlement for brain injury in low-speed car crash

  • $800K

    $800,000 settlement obtained for a minor injured by an inattentive semi-truck driver

  • $767K

    $766,000 verdict for torn rotator cuff injury

  • $755K

    $755,000 settlement for mild traumatic brain injury

  • $750K

    $750,000 Settlement for Lower Back Injury From Auto Accident

  • $690K

    $690,000 settlement obtained for a man who suffers a hip injury when a semi-truck runs a stop sign

  • $650K

    $650,000 Settlement reached for hip injuries due to an automobile crash

  • $650K

    $650,000 settlement for Wisconsin biker injured by distracted driver

  • $600K

    $600,000 settlement for lower leg & wrist fractures

  • $575K

    $575,000 recovery for internal injuries

  • $500K

    $500,000 Settlement for Motorcycle Crash Broken Leg

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