Six-figure compensation for car crash victim

Steve Caya recovered $480,000 for a client who developed cervical facet syndrome (a type of neck injury) as a result of the car accident. What makes this result so remarkable is that before filing a lawsuit on behalf of his client, Steve Caya offered to settle the claim for $400,000. The insurance company offered $80,000. After a year of litigation, the insurance company agreed to pay Steve’s client $80,000 more than what he demanded prior to filing suit.

You don’t have to accept the insurance company’s initial offer – especially when it’s less than you deserve for your injuries. Steve Caya spent the early years of his career representing insurers. He understands how they work and how to make them pay a fair settlement amount.

Having neck or back pain after a car accident?

It’s NOT normal, and it’s NOT okay. Your injuries are a direct result of the accident, and you’re entitled to compensation. Neck injuries can cause lifelong issues. Steve Caya works closely with a network of experts to assess the long-term implications of an injury, to make sure his clients receive a fair settlement amount.

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Our experience was top notch from beginning to end. Steve was professional and extremely accommodating. He was always available to answer questions and he knows his craft. He fought for us when we were down and for that we will always be grateful! Cannot say enough good about Mr. Caya and his associates.

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