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$200,000 settlement for neck injuries & headaches

Steve recovered $200,000 for a client who suffered neck injuries and severe headaches resulting from an automobile accident caused by two teenage drivers racing on a busy city street in Wisconsin.

Have back or neck pain after a car accident?

Do NOT ignore it. Your injuries were caused by the accident’s perpetrator, and you deserve compensation for your pain.

Whiplash after a car crash can be pricey to treat. Protect your wallet and get your life back on track by filing a claim, and getting the settlement you deserve.

Contact me today for a free consultation.

We take winning personally.

Let’s get you EVERYTHING you’re owed.

I can’t say enough great things about this team. They truly go above and beyond to take care of their clients. I’ll forever be grateful of how they handled my case and helped me navigate through it all. You won’t be disappointed with their service!

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